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Between paths and valleys in the woods of the Alta Valtellina

Lovers of trekking and hiking will not be disappointed in Bormio and the Alta Valtellina, as with more than 372 miles (600 km) of trails, mule paths, and forest service roads, there are hiking opportunities of different levels of difficulty, that will satisfy everyone, from families to the most experts mountaineers.

And the scenario is breathtaking: the great peaks of the Ortles-Cevedale mountain range provide the backdrop to the unspoiled landscapes of the Stelvio National Park. In the part it’s easy to immerse yourself in the beautiful alpine environment, where between the majestic conifers of the forests, you can often observe the animals that live in the area protected by the Park.

Mountain safety

  • Before embarking on an excursion is essential to make a realistic assessment of your own ability and strength, and of your athletic background.
  • Design your own itinerary using hiking maps, guidebooks, and by consulting with local experts, such as Alpine Guides. Given that the weather conditions in the mountains may change quickly, it is recommended that you pay the close attention to the weather forecast.
  • Prepare your backpack with the right equipment including: rain protection, headgear, warm clothing, sunscreen, first aid kit, and cellular phone. Bring a map, guidebook, or a GPS device to facilitate orientation.
  • Wear protective clothing and select footwear that protects your feet and ensures a good grip on the terrain.
  • Always maintain your own pace and pay attention to where you place your feet to avoid compromising your security.
  • It is recommended that you always remain on marked paths in order to avoid the risk of disorientation, falls, and slides of boulders or debris.
  • Regular breaks are very important to restore your energy. It is fundamental is to eat and drink regularly to avoid degrading your physical performance and mental concentration.
  • If children will participate, it is advisable to plan your route based on their capabilities: for them the length of the trail is not important, they just want to have fun and discover the mountain and nature.
  • It is always better to hike in a group, but if you must hike alone, it is a good rule to inform friends or family of your itinerary, in addition to having all the necessary equipment with you.
  • Always respect nature: do not abandon waste, avoid making loud noises, do not disturb either wild animals or those in a pasture, do not collect plants, and respect the protected areas.

Sentieri di Valtellina

There are two excellent resources available to help you better plan your routes: First, there is a packet of trail maps and guidebooks that you can buy directly in the tourist offices of the Alta Valtellina. And second, at the website Sentieri di Valtellina you will have the opportunity explore online the same set of navigable maps that is sold in the packet.

This website service allows hikers and mountain biker to organize their outings within the territory of the Alta Valtellina in several ways:

  1. You may chose among the classic routes, as recommended by the system.
  2. You can  create your own route through a guided process using the Creazione Guidata (Creation Wizard).
  3. You can create a route by choosing waypoints by clicking directly on the map using the “Percorso Fai da Te” (Do it yourself route).
  4. You can select from the Percorsi Preferiti (preferred routes)where previously created routes have been saved.

Using the website it is possible to calculate the route, obtain the complete roadbook, locate points of interest and tourist services in the territory traversed, view pictures and videos, and to download the data ready for loading into a GPS unit.



Campo fiori

L’apertura del sentiero “Campo dei Fiori” è un’occasione per conoscere la storia e la cultura del nostro territorio.

You can’t miss this hike “Campo dei Fiori”
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Among trenches, glaciers, lakes and spectacular landscapes, discover some excursions not to be missed.

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