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/Nature and the Landscape

In the heart of the Rhaetian Alps

Bormio and the Alta Valtellina are located in the center of a natural basin in the Rhaetian Alps (central/eastern Alps along the northern border of Italy adjacent to Switzerland and Austria).  It is a typical alpine landscape, with rich conifer woods, the green meadows of the high mountains, rivers, lakes, glaciers, and patches of perennial snow. Bormio is dominated to the north by the peaks of the Ortles Cevedale group, which rise to almost 13,000 feet at the Ortles summit (12821 feet/3905 meters).

In winter, nature goes into hibernation and everything is covered by a pure white blanket of snow. And in this white world of alpine winter, we find Bormio and the other typical mountain towns and villages, each with its own antique flavor, and each fitting harmoniously into this natural environment.

Hiking and excursions in the Stelvio National Park

With more than 372 miles (600 km) of hiking trails, Bormio and the Alta Valtellina are a paradise for lovers of hiking. Starting from 4019 feet (1225 meters), you can reach the perpetual snows along trails, mule tracks, and jeep roads, that are typically well marked, and climb through some of the most beautiful valleys. Hiking alone, equipped with the prerequisite maps and guidebooks, in a group, or accompanied by a local alpine guide, you can discover the most suggestive corners of the Stelvio National Park. The park isone of the largest nature reserves in Italy, where animals such as deer, chamois, and ibex live free, and where rare floral species grow, like the edelweiss and rhododendron.

Off-road vehicle Trips

For those who do not wish to hike on foot, or cannot do so, it is possible to organize off-road vehicle trips, during daytime or evening, accompanied by drivers/guides who, in addition to giving you valuable information about the area, will help you to spot the animals. Of course, binoculars are indispensable, and a little luck helps, too.