| The Properties of Bormio's Thermal Waters
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/The Properties of Bormio's Thermal Waters

What properties make the thermal waters of Bormio so unique?

The secret is found in all the mineral deposits that you will notice around the thermal springs, which are aggregations of natural minerals, which in many cases reach considerable concentrations. These geological phenomena enrich the water of the nine springs above Bormio with natural elements. So it is thanks to these tiny particles that the thermal waters of Bormio have special properties.

Benefits to the Health

The properties of the thermal waters of Bormio are multifaceted and generate benefits to the health, the appearance, and the well being of a person.But there is another aspect that affects this curative factor and it is the natural high temperature of the waters, which is explained by the phenomenon of the geothermal gradient. On average, this gradient is about 11.4 °F/100 feet (3 °C/100 meters) of depth, but can vary considerably even reaching values of 34.2 – 35.8 °F/100 feet (3 – 4 degrees every 33 meters).

In the depths of the earth

The thermal waters of Bormio come from surface waters that infiltrate the subsurface to a depth between 1000 and 1100 meters, following fractures and permeable layers, and along this path the water will absorb the heat effect of the geothermal gradient. There, under the hydraulic pressure generated by the continuous water flow, the heated water ascends back toward the surface, looking for a way out, and the result are the hot thermal springs of the Alta Valtellina. It is a precious heritage, which Bormio has always shared with its guests.

Healing Thermal Water

The benefits of the spa of Bormio are effective in the treatment of:

  • Inflammations of the respiratory system with the inhalation of water vapor;
  • Diseases of rheumatic and uricemic nature;
  • Beneficial interaction with the skin;
  • Diseases of the genital sphere;
  • Inflammation and disorders of the digestive system;
  • Activities of post-traumatic rehabilitation from fractures.



Bormio Thermal Baths

The hot thermal water restores body and mind and gives you a priceless sense of wellness.

Bormio Thermal Baths open at night