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terme di bormio: relax e benessere


/Hot Springs, Relaxation, and Wellness

Bormio and its springs

During the Middle Ages Bormio was an important location of transit along the routes of communication between north and south of the Alps.

Its businesses contributed to make the community rich and the thermal baths of Bormio famous. According to some, the toponym of Bormio derives from the German word worm, which means “hot”, a clear reference to the thermal waters that were known for their high temperatures in antiquity. Bormio’s thermal water remains hot, and today the water can still reach up to 104 °F (40 °C).

Baths di Bormio

The natural hot water springs of Bormio soon became renowned for their medical properties. And today, the Thermal Baths of Bormio attract those who want to combine the pleasure of a mountain vacation with the exceptional therapeutic value of the natural hot spring waters. One of the first effects of the Baths of Bormio, observed since Roman times,  is the muscle relaxant effect that follows a prolonged immersion. Today, the springs of Bormio are classified as “sulphate-alkaline-earthy minerals thermal water,” and are suitable for numerous therapeutic applications.