| Tour the High Mountain Dairies
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/Tour the High Mountain Dairies

Alpine Malghe (singular malga) are typical high mountain dairy buildings, used in the summer as shelter for the livestock, especially cattle, and for the production of cheese and other dairy products.

On holiday in the high mountains

During the summer season, the cows leave the valley stables where they spend the winter and climb to progressively higher and higher pastures as the snow melts and the grass grows. The importance to the livestock of these mountain holidays should not be undervalued, as living at altitude is good for the animals, both from the nutritional point of view and for the physical activity it provides. Put simply, the better the health of the animals, the better the quality of  the milk and, consequently, it improves the quality and flavor of the cheese.

The transhumance

Transhumance, which is the seasonal migration of livestock from winter low-lands, to higher summer pastures, was historically an important moment in the life of the peasants and a reason to feast for all the people, who admired the animals as they climbed towards the high mountain pastures, along the trails and mule tracks.

Of course, this seasonal migration must occur twice each year, with the monticazione—ascent toward the higher pastures—taking place between the end of May and mid June, while the demonticazione—descent to the village—occurs during September.

In search of the most genuine flavors

To visit a malga (alpine dairy) is to immerse oneself in an authentic alpine and rural environment, where the animals, the protagonists, are free to graze and enjoy themselves in the high mountains. While visiting a malga it is often possible to observe the milking and the preparation of the butter and cheese, and to taste these absolutely genuine products—and they have a taste so natural that it will surprise you.