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The town of Bormio and the whole surrounding area of the Alta Valtellina offer endless opportunities for you to spend wonderful holidays, in every season of the year, and to satisfy any special requirements you might have.  The community of the Alta Valtellina has everything to satisfy the many and varied interests and tastes of our guests, and the possibilities range a full 360 degrees, from culture and history to sport, and from health and wellness to wonderful alpine dining.

At an elevation of 4019 feet (1225 meters) Bormio offers a climate that suits all of our guests, from families and athletes, to the retired world traveler, and in every season.
Perfectly situated in a lush green valley in the heart of the Alps, Bormio provides each guest with activities from relaxing to challenging, throughout the year, and one can chose among those in the lush lower meadows, in the broad leaf and pine forests, or high in the wide alpine plateaus.


sfilata dei pasquali bormio

“I Pasquali” is the traditional Easter parade that every year takes place in the Medieval alpine town of Bormio.

The traditional Easter parade of Bormio
visite guidate Chiesetta di San Gallo, Valdidentro

Bormio and its surroundings are artistic masterpieces thanks to their monuments and churches. This summer plan an itinerary to discover the precious architecture of Alta […]

Guided tours: historic sites and churches

Buglio, Combo, Dossiglio, Dossorovina and Maggiore… do you really know them?

The districts of Bormio: between history and folklore

Lose the sense of time in the streets of Bormio and enjoy the traditional summer appointments!

Mestieri in Piazza
In Bormio, there is no Easter without the Pasquali
In Bormio, there is no Easter without the Pasquali