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Bormio the Magnificent Land

The district of Bormio, also called ” Magnificent Land” or “Magna Land of Bormio and the honored valleys”, is located in the north of Italy, in the province of Sondrio and Region of Lombardy, and comprises the municipalities of Bormio, Valdidentro, Valdisotto and Valfurva. Nestled in the heart of the Alps, in Raetic sector, on the border with the Swiss Canton of Grisons, it is about 37 miles (60 km) away from the city of Sondrio.

Bormio and the Stelvio Pass

The territory, included in the Alta (High) Valtellina, is located at the foot of Stelvio Pass and within the Stelvio National Park, the largest protected area of Italy and one of the largest in Europe. Among the peaks that surround the city of Bormio, Cima Piazzi (Piazzi Peak) stands out at 11,282 feet (3439 meters), as do Mt. Sobretta and Mt. Vallecetta, with the massifs of the Ortles-Cevedale range only slightly more distant.

In the Heart of Europe

Bormio is a junction point of major roads. In particular, the Stelvio Pass state road that connects the lower Valtellina to Trentino Alto Adige, crossing the Stelvio Pass, which at 9,048 feet (2758 meters) is the highest paved pass in Italy and the second highest in Europe. To the Southeast of Bormio the provincial road over Gavia Pass connects the territory of the Valfurva with Valcamonica. From the town of Valdidentro, to the Northwest, one can travel to Livigno and the Valley Engadin over the Foscagno and Eira Passes.


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