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/Bormio: best hiking tours

If you are in Bormio, these are the best hiking tours you cannot miss!

From Bormio to Valdidentro, from Sondalo and Valdisotto to Valfurva, these are the hikes not to be missed. Some require a little effort and training, but they will definitely be worth it. Find out all the details such as length, travel time and elevation gain and have fun seeing how the route develops on the interactive map we have integrated for you!

Croce della Reit


Start: Piazza di Combo, Bormio

Finish: Croce della Reit, Bormio

Lenght: quasi 6km

Time: 2h e 50 minuti

Sentiero Glaciologico Alto


Start: Parking at Rifugio Forni

Finish: Parking at Rifugio Forni

Lenght: 8 km

Time: 3 hours

Panoramica della Val Zebrù


Start: Town of Niblogo, Valfurva

Finish: Town of Niblogo, Valfurva

Lenght: 18km and half

Time: 6/7 hours

Panoramica sulla Val Viola


Start: Hotel Viola, town of Arnoga

Finish: Hotel Viola, town of Arnoga

Lenght: 10km

Time: 3 hours

Oga Malga San Colombano


Start: Town of Oga

Finish: Malga San Colombano, mountain cottage

Lenght: 7km

Time: 2-3 hours

Valle di Rezzalo


Start: Town of Fontanaccia, Sondalo

Finish: Ponte dell’Alpe, Valfurva

Lenght: 9 km and half

Time: 4 hours

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