| Coronavirus Bormio: Phase II
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/Coronavirus Bormio: Phase II

Coronavirus: Do’s and don’ts of Phase II

Dear Guests, Friends, Phase II of the coronavirus emergency has started.

Compliance with the limitations by all of us is the only thing that can help us overcome this delicate moment and therefore we invite you to comply with the prescriptions introduced by the last Ministerial decree of April, 26, 2020 of which you can find an extract below.

We will continue to update you on upcoming developments and we look forward, once this emergency is over, to welcoming and pampering you in our mountains again.

  • you can visit kin and relatives living in the same region


  • you can reach your holiday house


  • you can go to public parks but children’s playground remain closed. Gatherings are not allowed and social distancing will have to be respected.


  • you will have to wear a face mask anywhere in public, including on the street and in parks, and in all enclosed public spaces , for instance on public transport and in shops or offices


  • you can leave your neighborhood to exercise. You are expected to maintain a safe distance from others at all times, and team sports will remain banned


  • you can pick up a takeaway. Cafes, restaurants, gelaterie and pasticcerie, which could previously offer only home delivery, are now allowed to serve takeaways from their premises – though food must be eaten at home, not on the street, to avoid groups gathering outside.


  • you can go to museums, restaurants, bars, hairdressers, beauty centers and many other commercial activities


  • more people are allowed to go back to work. The construction, manufacturing, wholesale and real estate sectors are allowed to resume activity, along with architects, accountants, engineers, lawyers and other professionals.


  • Essential public service will resume, including transport, public utility services for banking, postal, financial, insurance services as well as all those activities that are necessary for the functioning of the system as a whole

Am I allowed to move around my region?

  • Yes, but travel is allowed to meet your kin and relatives. It is however strongly recommended to limit meetings with non-relatives, as this increases the risk of contagion. During these meetings the following must be respected: the ban on gatherings, social distancing of at least one meter and the use of face masks.
  • In any case, it is allowed to return to your home, home or residence.


Can I move from one region to another?

  • Yes, but only with self-certification form that explains the reason for traveling which are limited to health, work, “necessities” or visiting kin or relatives. You will not be able to visit relatives in other regions.
  • In any case, you are allowed to return to your home or residence.


Can I reach my holiday home located in my own region? 

  • yes, traveling to second homes is now allowed


Do foreign citizens have the same travel restrictions as Italians?

  • Yes, restrictions apply to all people currently on or intending to enter or leave the Italian territory, regardless of their nationality.

Can I go out for a walk?

  • walks are allowed to go from home to work, for health reasons, and for urgent necessities only. For example, it is justified by reasons of necessity to go to groceries, to buy newspapers, to go to the pharmacy, or in any case to buy goods necessary for daily life.

Can I use the bicycle?

  • using a bicycle to reach the workplace, the place of residence or the shops is allowed. It is also allowed to use a bicycle for outdoor physical activities
  • The interpersonal safety distance of one meter must be observed at all times

Can I do outdoor activities?

  • Yes, outdoor sport activities are allowed, provided that you keep a safe distance of at least one meter from others at all times

Can I move within my region to do sports?

  • Although you are allowed to do sports without having to stay within a 200-metre radius of your home address, it is not recommended to travel long distances within regions to go on long walks, runs or bike rides for exercise.

Are Spa facilities open?

  • No, spa facilities are not open yet


Will ski lifts open for summer?

  • Yes, ski lifts at Stelvio Pass mountain resort will be operational for summer 2020 and in compliance with the safety measures imposed by the ministerial decree (social distancing and restricted number of people on ski lifts and gondolas)


Can I play golf?

  • Yes, the Bormio golf course is open and functioning. Follow this link for more information.

Are hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodation facilities open?

  • Yes, hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, holiday homes etc. are open and allowed to receive guests. At the moment, only guests already living in Lombardy are allowed to use these hospitality services. Social distancing and the use of face masks must be guaranteed at all times.

Are events cancelled for summer 2020?

  • All organized events and shows regardless of their nature – whether cultural, recreational, sporting, or religious – remain suspended.

Can I go to bars and restaurants?

  • Bars and restaurants are closed until further notice. However, cafes, restaurants, gelaterie and pasticcerie, which could previously offer only home delivery, are now allowed to serve takeaways from their premises – though food must be eaten at home, not on the street, to avoid groups gathering outside.For a list of places that do home deliveries and / or take-away services, follow this link.

Are retail stores open?

  • Yes, retail stores are now open.
  • In any case, the interpersonal safety distance of one meter must be guaranteed

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