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Bormio Winter


Last update on: March 8th 2020

Dear Guests, Friends,

we usually do our best to welcome you on our mountains and to allow you to enjoy the best of our territory. We usually communicate with enthusiasm what you can do while today, with great sorrow, we have to communicate what you CAN’T do.

Unfortunately today we have to inform you about new closures that affect, after the thermal centers, also the lifts, as well as other restrictions that limit the accessibility to our territory.

We are aware that respecting the limitations that have been set, both at regional and national level, is the only thing that can help all of us overcome this delicate moment and therefore we invite you to follow the new prescriptions. You can find an extract below.

We will do our best to keep you posted on the next updates and we look forward, once this emergency will be over, to welcoming and pampering you again in our mountains.

Last Update on: March 8th 2020

The following restrictions apply to the mountain resort of Bormio (Bormio, Valfurva, Valdidentro, Valdisotto and Sondalo) and are in force until April 3rd.:

  • skilifts and gondolas closed
  • thermal spas closed, including the curative areas and the beauty centers
  • restaurants, bars and cafés open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • gyms and sports centers closed
  • avoid any movement in or out of the territory, or within it, unless for proven work-related reasons, emergencies or health reasons
  • people with symptoms of respiratory infection and fever are strongly recommended to remain at home by limiting contact with other people
  • museums and libraries are closed
  • all activities are suspended within cinemas, theaters, pubs, game rooms, discos and similar places


Following the latest restrictive measures adopted by the Council of Ministers on March 8, 2020, tourists in Bormio are authorized to return to their homes. We strongly recommend that foreign travellers contact their respective local authorities to be advised on the procedure to follow.

Previous dispositions:

Update on: February 26th 2020

Regione Lombardia, the government agency of Lombardy, just released a clarification on the ordinance emitted on February 23rd:

  • bars, cafes and pubs that serve food along with drinks are not subject to opening restrictions anymore and their business hours can return to normal.

Update on: February 25th 2020

As usual, Bormio is accessible and reachable by all means of transport and all businesses such as hotels, shops, restaurants and ski lifts are open and functioning. 

However, following regional ordinances and preventive measures, some restrictions apply for cafes and bars, spas and wellness centers.

In particular, until March 1st, 2020:

  • QC Terme (Bagni Vecchi – Bagni Nuovi) and Bormio Terme will remain closed
  • public and cultural events may be cancelled

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