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le botte di amaro braulio


Intense and genuine flavor: Braulio is definitely the most loved alpine amaro.

Braulio, the amaro of Bormio

The Braulio amaro was prepared for the first time in 1875 when the local pharmacist Francesco Peloni combined some herbs in an alchemy. Today it’s conquering the world.

Which are the secret ingredients of the Braulio?

Braulio is a mixture of herbs and plants like wormwod, juniper berries and gentian roots. The ingredients are carefully selected but we are not allowed to know them all. The exact recipe has been handed down form one generation to another and it’s never going to be revealed.

Braulio keeps the most authentic mountain spirit and thanks to the respect of nature’s rhythms and handmade methods it holds a modest and non-frivolous soul.

Amaro Braulio viene conservato all'interno di botti in rovere di Slavonia

The underground cellars of Braulio

The unique flavor of Braulio is given by the location of the product’s storage. The bitter is preserved in huge barrels located in underground cellars in Bormio.

It’s an amazing labyrinth situated underneath the roads and houses of the old town center in Bormio.

The cellars have been recently renovated and enlarged. Also, the production room has grown from 4,880 squared meters to 6,516.

Visit the house of Braulio

Every Wednesday at 6:00 pm or every Saturday at 5:00 pm from 7 December to 11 April 2020, you can participate to the guided tour at the historic cellars in the old town center of Bormio.
The tour lasts about 50 minutes and it is free of charge.

Guided tour to the Braulio cellars

Booking is mandatory. You can contact directly the Braulio shop (27 Roma St.) or call at 0342903406 or email to [email protected]

Private tours are available for groups of minimum 15 people.

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