| Winter outdoor activities in Bormio
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/Winter outdoor activities in Bormio

Practising sports and outdoor activities during winter is good for both body and soul. Find out what Bormio has to offer.

Making the best out of winter in the mountains

Being outside in nature in winter is simply exhilarating. Sun, blue sky, crisp air, enchanted woods, white valleys… all paint a picture that warms the hearts.

Far away from the daily stress and surrounded by breathtaking panoramas and untouched landscapes, in Bormio you can recharge your batteries and breathe the purity of the highest peaks.

Ski and Snowboard

The winter season in Bormio opens officially on November 30. Read on to know what the skipass includes and what the offers for the season are.

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Ski Cross-country

Bormio has a solution for every skier, from the beginner to the more expert. Read on where to do cross country in Bormio.

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Over the last couple of years, skiing down untouched slopes covered in fresh powder snow has experienced a boom. Read on where you can do freeride in Bormio.



Ski Touring

The best periods are those from late winter into spring, when the snow is well established and offers countless opportunities to make magnificent excursions. Read more on where to practice ski touring in Bormio.

Sci alpinismo

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There are many itineraries to discover, while fitted with snowshoes that prevent you from sinking into the white blanket of newly fallen snow. Read more on the scheduled itineraries for this season.


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Ice climbing

If climbing a rocky wall during the summer months is thrilling, both outdoors and indoors, imagine the winter excitement of challenging the frosty cold to reach the top of a waterfall of ice! Read on to discover where and how to practice this sport.

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Fat Bikes

Feeling like riding your bike also during the cold months, maybe along snow covered trails? Read on where you can go with fatbikes in Bormio.


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Want to try the exciting challenge of becoming a musher—conducting a dog sled for a day? Read more on where you can drive a dog sled.

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Relax at the Spa

Yes, even relaxing at the spa is an outdoor activity. Aren’t you outside while immersed in the famous thermal waters of Bormio? Read more on the three spa resorts in Bormio.

Bagni Vecchi

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