| 5 hiking trails to do in Autumn in Bormio
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/5 hiking trails to do in Autumn in Bormio

Autumn is the perfect season to go hiking in Bormio. Silence, peacefulness, earthy smells, colors, etc. All your senses are activated! 

Read on to find out about the 5 best hiking trails for this season in Bormio.

It’s full-on Fall season here in Bormio. Crisp morning air, valleys aflame with color and mountains wearing the typical wintery white cap. Autumn is the best time for hiking if you enjoy peace and warm temperatures and we believe it’s excellent for releasing some stress too.

Whether alone, with your family or with an Alpine Guide, you can choose from our list of 5 best hiking trails, one each for Bormio, Valfurva, Valdidentro, Valdisotto e Sondalo.

Pedemontana della Reit

Pravasivo – Cà Bianca – Giardin – Teregua (trails S533 / S511 / S531)

The path unwinds through a beautiful forest of larch trees (hence the name of Monte Lareit, larch woods). Leave your car in Pravasivo along the main Stelvio road, one kilometer before the Bagni Vecchi di Bormio and take the trail S533. The path is characterized by ups and downs and all along the way you can find trails leading back to the village or towards other destinations. The trail S533 wends its way through Mount Reit and leads you up to Casina Bassa, literally Petite house. From here, continue on trails S511, then S531 until you reach the village of Teregua in Valfurva. You can return using public transport.

Lenght 6,7 km –  Medium hiking difficulty  – Time lenght 1 h 51 min. – Maximum Altitude 1565 m – Elevation gain 226 m

Panoramic view of Val Zebrù

Niblogo – Val Zebrù – Baite Campo – Costantini – Cavallaro – Niblogo (trails S529 / S526 / S527)

From the small village of Niblogo, within Madonna dei Monti, follow route S529, which leads to Val Zebrù. At the bridge of Peceneccia, take the left and enter the one and only Val Zebrù. The trail leads through a thick forest, with deep ravines and green terraces with typical mountain huts. The area is home to deers, chamois, ibex, etc. and the majestic bearded vulture. Once at the mountain huts of Campo, at an altitude of 1.948 meters above sea level, head to the right up a steep hill. Then, continue on the mostly flat trail S526 towards the mountain huts of Cavallaro. From here, make your way down on trail S527, back to route S529, and return to Niblogo.

Lenght 18,3 km – Time lenght 6 h 10 min. – Medium hiking difficulty  –  Maximum Altitude 2360 m – Elevation gain 766 m

Valfurva Val Zebrù

Ph: Emanuele Bertolina

Panoramic view of Val Viola

Albergo Viola – Baite Cagnol – Sattarona – Soleir – Funera – Stagimei – Arnoga (trails N148 / N128 / N290)

Opposite Hotel Viola, in the locality of Arnoga, Valdidentro, take trail N148. After a couple of turns uphill, you reach Baite Cagnol, a group of rural mountain houses. The track continues uphill, first through a forest and then through pastures, offering excellent views of the surrounding mountains: S. Colombano, Cima Piazzi, Corno Sinigaglia, Corno Dosdè and Cima Viola. At a crossroads with village Soleir, take an unmarked sheep track that leads close to the village of Sattarona, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the valley. From here, continue on track N128, which goes through the locality of Stagimei. Start descending through pastures and meadows and return on track N290 towards Arnoga, home of the Dog Sleddig Centre.

Lenght 11 km – Time Lenght 3 h 32 min.Easy Hiking Difficulty  – Maximum Altitude 2377 m – Elevation gain 497 m.


Oga – Malga  S. Colombano – Oga

Malga S. Colombano – Pozza – Sposina Bassa – Forte di Oga – Crap del Maro – Oga (trail N280)

Starting from the Oga town center, take N280, an unpaved service road. The first locality on the trail is Crap del Maro, where you can also find a picnic area. On your way up, you encounter various places of interest such as the Oga’s Fort, also known as Fort Venini, a defense structure built between 1908 and 1912 for World War I. The other localities on the trail are Sposina Bassa and Pozza. Continue along the trail and reach Malga San Colombano, at almost 2500 meters high.

Lenght 7 km – Time Lenght 2 h 2 min.Medium Hiking Difficulty – Maximum Altitude 2377 m – Elevation gain 497 m

For more information on Oga’s Fort, click here

 Val di Rezzalo

Fumero – Rifugio la Baita – Val di Rezzalo  – Passo dell’Alpe (trail S519.2)

Leave your car in the parking in Fontaccia and follow the indications for trail S519.2 towards Valle di Rezzalo. The trail is a large, unpaved service road that runs along Rezzalasco river and it goes through a beautiful valley of larch trees and pastures. Along the way you will encounter the lodge La Baita, open all year round upon reservation. Continue along the trail until you reach Passo dell’Alpe, Alpe Pass, where you can admire the ruins of defense lines, trenches, galleries and stronghold that date back to World War I.

Lenght 10,6 km – Time Lenght 3h – Maximum Altitude 2460 m – Elevation Gain 999 mw

val Rezzalo

Ph: Giacomo Meneghello

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