5 Outdoor Activities in the Autumn
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/Top 5 Activities to do in the Autumn

Bormio never stops and the Autumn is the perfect season to experience something new and fun!

Outdoor activities in the Fall

If you enjoy the glorious colours of leaves in the fall, but a laid-back attitude is not for you, here is a list of the Top 5 Autumn Activities to keep the good times rolling during the months of September, October and November.

5 Outdoor Activities to do in the Autumn in Bormio

escursione a cavallo

Outdoor Activities in the Autumn: Going Horseback Riding

Riding across the woods and trails of the Stelvio National Park is thrilling in every season of the year, but it’s particularly awesome in Autumn, when everything is tinged with red and gold.

Whether you are an expert of the horse world or not, riding in the woods, through the piles of fallen leaves, will be a unique and evocative way to enjoy the wonders of nature.

In silence and tranquillity, accompanied only by the sound of the hooves stepping on the ground, you will discover the pleasure of getting lost into the wild vastness, inebriated by the scents of the earth and the trees, caressed by the sounds of nature and pampered by sun rays on your skin.

In addition to doing physical exercise, horseback riding is also emotionally beneficial: it gives you a pleasant sense of freedom, serenity and security.

Panorama campo golf bormio

Outdoor Activities in the Autumn: Playing Golf

In Bormio, within walking distance from the town centre, a 9-hole golf course and a beginner camp with 11 covered seats are available to all players.

Studies show that playing golf is beneficial for body and mind, as it facilitates muscle coordination and promotes elasticity.
It also encourages you to continually improve, relax and socialize.

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Outdoor Activities in the Autumn: Skating on Ice

Our ice skating rink is not only a beautiful stadium for international competitions, but it is also the perfect place to spend memorable moments with the whole family.

We are talking about Bormio’s Ice Rink, known as Palaghiaccio, a traditional hub for locals but also a spectacular holiday experience that everyone can enjoy with friends and dear ones.

Wear waterproof pants, gloves and warm clothing. And, if it’s your first time ice skating, it would be good to bring knee and elbow protectors. Have fun!

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Outdoor Activities in the Autumn: Stalking Bellowing Deers

Observing wild animals in the Stelvio National Park is one of the most electrifying experiences that one could have. The Stelvio National Park is home to several species, like squirrels, alpine hares, foxes, ermines, marmots, steinbocks, chamois, eagles and lammergeyers. But the most popular and impressive specie is the deer.
Every year, from mid-September to mid-October, male deers make loud sounds to try to seduce the does and clang their antlers together to display dominance on the territory. It’s a thrilling time of the year to be out walking in the woods. Finding yourself in close proximity with a rutting stag can only be described as extraordinary. It’s indeed a natural spectacle that will leave you astonished and electrified!


Outdoor Activities in the Autumn: Summer Skiing at Stelvio Pass

At Stelvio Pass, the summer skiing season is not over yet: lifts are spinning and you can enjoy kilometers of perfectly groomed slopes until November 3.

For those who do not ski, fear not! You can always transform your trip into photo shoot: the road to Stelvio Pass offers unique panoramic views of the glacier and sourround mountains.

You can also take a ride on cable cars and easily reach the highest peaks of the Stelvio glacier. Up there, you can make a reservation for a snowcat tour and admire the impressive surrounding peaks.

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