Palio delle contrade, the traditional local event in Bormio
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/Palio delle contrade

On Saturday, February 22nd enjoy the show of Palio delle Contrade,  one of the oldest local event of Bormio.

The Palio is the healthy competition between the 5 Districts of Bormio, the “sections” of the town are marked by a color and a symbol.

Program Palio delle Contrade 2020

Febraury 22, 2020

  • 6.30 p.m.: meeting at piazza San Vitale
  • 6.45 p.m.: cross country race for “Bocia” (children) (Via Roma.Piazza Cavour)
  • following: children’s relay race
  • 8.00 p.m.: cross country race for “Granc” (adults)
  • following: districts’s relay race
  • prize-giving ceremony

Music and entertainment, mulled wine, hot chocolate, pizza and sweets at Piazza Cavour.

During the Palio delle Contrade, each district seeks to recruit as many people as possible, for cross country ski race competition.
It’s not a sporting event but a smart event made by people with a big spirit of participation.
Those who  participate wearing vintage clothing, with the colors of their faction, or by using ancient wood skis, earn more points that at the end will determine the final placement.

The competition has ski races for Bocia (children) and Granc (adults).

Ph. Fausto Compagnoni