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/Alpine huts in Valtellina: open from March

Spring is at the doors and several alpine huts in Valtellina are getting ready to open for ski alpers and hikers.

When will the mountain huts open?

In the area of Bormio, a wide net of alpine huts will be open from the first days of March, launching the most favourable period of the year for ski mountaineering. 

Siamo pronti !! Da oggi siamo aperti!! Potete venire a trovarci e divertirvi con sci, ciaspole, fat-bike e perché no anche con il bob! Vi aspettiamo!

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Alpine huts in Valtellina that you have to visit

  • In Valfurva, within the Forni area, at the bottom of the greatest Italian glacier, you find the Forni hut, located at 2,220 meters.
  • The Branca alpine hut, that is located right in fron,t of the Forni glacier at 2,493 m, is open, too.
  • Climbing further up, you find the Pizzini hut, at 2.706 m.
  • By mid-March you will find the Casati alpine hut open, too. The hut is located at 3,269 m, among the peaks of Gran Zebrù and Cevedale Mount.
  • In the area of the Val Viola, in Valdidentro, you find Baita Caricc, a holiday on a farm, situated at 1,990 m. This place is easy to reach all year round since it’s closed to the State road.
  • Further up, there is the Federico hut in Dosdè, at 2,133 m.

Snow is not an obstacle! So, how to get to an alpine hut? With skins!

So many options. We suggest two kinds of itineraries:

  • Medium Level Itineraries
  • High Level Itineraries

Practise ski mountaineering with self awareness and proper preparation. Always bring with you beacon, probe and shovel.

Examples of Medium Level Itineraries

Just to give you a few examples, the Corno S. Colombano (3,020 m) in Valdisotto is a very popular destination for ski alpers. The start is from the Oga Fort or from the chairlift La Rossa-S. Colombano.

Another easy route, in Valdientro, is the climb from Motta Grande (2,716 m) to Arnoga.

A great classic is the hike to Cima dei Forni (3,247 m) with the start from the Forni hut. From there you could also start your climb to reach the other alpine huts (Branca, Pizzini and Casati).

Another great excursion is the traverse Valfurva/Sondalo – Val di Rezzalo where you can make a rest at La Baita hut, at 1,860 m.

Examples of High Level Itineraries

The skimo travers to Pizzo Tresero and Punta S. Matteo, starting from Forni, are amazing climbs which include parts on the glacier. Those are for expert ski mountaineers only, equipped with ropes, ice axes and crampons.

Among the most intense raid, there is the prestigious Alta Via dei Rifugi Tour in the Forni area and the 38-km Traverse Bormio-Livigno, crossing the Val Viola.

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