2018 Carnival in Bormio: a Medieval tradition | Events and parties
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Bormio has tons of events scheduled for the Carnival 2019 . In this article you will find a recap with the most popular occurrences.

Carnival is typically identified as a period of fun and light heartedness. Bormio and surroundings are no exception from this point of view.
From 3 to 10 February 2019 you will get a lot of costume parties, greasy pole contests, costume skiing, float parades and one of the most long-running tradition of Bormio: the Carnevàl di Mat (the Carnival of Mads).

Carnevàl di Mat, what is it?

During this day a Medieval tradition takes place in the town square. The so called Company of Mads symbolically “dethrones” the mayor and crowns a new “podestà” (historical italian title) who is going to rule for the whole day. The new podestà is also known as the Podestà of Mads.

After the coronation, the mail of mads is read in front of the crowd. It’s a letter that ironically sums up complaints and rumors of the population. The day continues with a typical meal and then with traditional Carnival games and contests.  Learn more about the Carnevàl di Mat.

See you on 3 February in Kuerc square to discover who is going to be the new Podestà.

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Carnival events for children 2019


  • Carnival in Bormio – from 14:00 to Kuerc Square, Bormio

   Masks parade, games and dances

  • Carneval in Valdisotto – from 13:30 to Fonte Levissima square, Cepina

  Games, dances, snacks and mask’s award

  • Carnival in Sondalo – from 13:30 to Sondalo

   Carnival float parade in mask and award ceremony


  • “Carnevaldidentro” – from 13:30 to Isolaccia, Valdidentro

   Games, masks award and carnival float parade

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