Outdoor activities in autumn. 5 great ways to spend your time in Bormio
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outdoor activities in autumn


/Outdoor Activities in Autumn: top 5 ideas

In Bormio and surroundings you always get something fun to do! Check out the top five outdoor activities in autumn!

Outdoor Activities in Autumn

Autumn is not meant for sleeping on your couch all day long. Yes, it’s true, some days you may really feel like that but for us, this time of the year, may reveal some unexpected and amazing outdoor activities, as well!

Here there are our suggestions on some open-air activities that will transform your autumn into a lively and dynamic adventure.

5 ways to spend your spare time in Autumn

outdoor activities in autumn horse-riding

Outdoor Activities in Autumn: Horse riding

The Stelvio National Park, in all seasons, allows you to experience the thrill of a stroll through the woods and trails.

Whether you are an expert of the horse world or not, riding trails in the woods during this time of the year will be a unique and evocative way to enjoy the wonders of nature.

In silence and tranquility, accompanied only by the sound of the hooves stepping the ground, you will discover the pleasure of getting lost into the wild vastness, inebriated by the scents of the earth and the trees, caressed by the sounds of nature and pampered by sun rays on your skin.

In addition to physical experience, a horseback ride is also emotionally beneficial: it gives a pleasant sense of freedom, serenity and security.

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outdoor activities in autumn golf

Outdoor Activities in Autumn: Play Golf

In Bormio, a few steps from the center of the village, a 9-hole golf course and a practice camp with 11 covered seats are available to all players.

Playing golf gives body and mind benefits: it coordinates muscle coordination and elasticity.
And it stimulates to continually improve, relaxes and helps to socialize.

WWIP_Ice_skaters 900

Outdoor Activities in Autumn: Ice skating

Not only a beautiful, perfect ground for international competitions, but it is also the perfect place to spend pleasant moments on ice skates with the whole family.

We are talking about the Bormio’s Ice Rink, named Palaghiaccio, where on the weekend the opportunity to have fun with friends is never missing.

We remind you to wear a jacket and gloves, and if you are at your first experience, bring also knee and elbow protectors to help prevent any possible fall. Have fun!

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outdoor activities in autumn sleddog

Outdoor Activities in Autumn: Trekking with Sled dog

If you love adrenaline, an excursion with sled dogs might be your thing. At Arnoga, the Sleddog Husky Village Center, offers different activities even in the absence of snow.

On board of wheeled vehicles or walking with special harnesses it will be fun to hike in the mountains led by the man best friends.

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Outdoor activities in autumn summer ski

Outdoor Activities: Summer/Autumn skiing

On the Stelvio Pass, summer skiing season is not over yet: lifts are open and there are km and km of slopes where you can ski, until late autumn.

Also for those who do not ski, there is always the opportunity for a photographic trip: the Stelvio Road’s panorama is definitely unique and a must-see environment.

It is easy to reach the highest peaks thanks to the cable car leading to Monte Livrio, and up there, there is the possibility of a snowmobile ride and to admire the impressive surrounding peaks.

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