Deer belling in the Stelvio National Park: where and when to listen to it
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deer belling in the stelvio national park


/Deer belling: where and when to listen to it

Enter the woods from the mid of September to the the mid of October and pay attention to what you may here. Silence. Then the leaves rustling and the sound of a stream near by and then… it’s a deer belling!

Experience the most suggestive autumnal excursion in the Stelvio National Park!

The season of deer belling

Every year, from mid of September to mid of October, male deers challenge each other belling loud and goring the enemies to conquer the females.
Taking a walk into the woods it’s quite common to hear the powerful sound of a deer belling.

The bell could be heard at every hour of the day, but becomes more frequent and astonishing in the first hours of the night. Of course it’s important not to bother the animals with lights and avoid to get too close to them. Respect those simple rules and the show is guaranteed.

On the deers’ track

The best places to live this great experience are two:

  • Zebrù Valley (in Valfurva)
  • Del Gallo Valley (in Valdidentro – Cancano area)

Spotting an animal is always very emotional but doing it within a forest wearing the autumnal colors it’s priceless, trust us.

Spot a deer belling: the organized excursions of 2017

For mountain bike lovers, excursions in Del Gallo Valley with rented e-bike and bike guide.

  • Every day from 15 September to 16 October, from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm starting from palazzina A2A in Cancano

Information and registration:

On request, Alpine Guides organize excursions to watch the wild animals of the Stelvio National Park.

You can see them in everyday life and capture the moment in beautiful photos.

Information and registration:

The Stelvio National Park organizes guided walk tour with park guides and expert zoologists.

  • Saturday 7 October 2017 in Del Gallo Valley
    • Meeting at 2:00 pm at V Alpini Square in Bormio
  • Sunday 8 October 2017 in Zebrù Valley
    • Meeting at 2:00 pm at V Alpini Square in Bormio.

Read the details: Weekend 7/8 October 2017

Information and registration