Sentiero Valtellina | 114 km with your bike from the mountain to the lake
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Sentiero Valtellina, your bike adventure from the mountain to the lake.

Sentiero Valtellina: September is the best month of the year

The Sentiero Valtellina, literally “Valtellina Path”, is wonderful in September which we believe to be the best month of the year for outdoor activities especially in the lower part of the region. Day light is still considerable and the weather is generally nice with amazing sunny days.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and a bike lover you have to try the Sentiero Valtellina. Get immersed in the nature!

Sentiero Valtellina from the mountain to the lake along the river Adda

Imagine yourself immersed in the nature, riding a bike along a cycleway which will take you to discovering alpine landscapes, antique villages and wide green areas.
Get a full immersion in the nature with Sentiero Valtellina. The route follows the river Adda along a 114-km path which connects Bormio to Colico.

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A journey in the beauty

The Sentiero Valtellina reaches the most beautiful spots of the region. If you plan yours stops, you will be able to enjoy the art beauty of Visconti Venosta Palace or Salis Palace, visit the Virgin Mary Sanctuary in Tirano or the Montecchio Nord Fort, see the prehistoric cave art.

You could also plan a panoramic trip on the Red Train Bernina Express which takes to the close St Moritz.

Something that is absolutely marvellous is the experience of biking along the vineyards where the nebbiolo grapes grow, used for the production of the DOCG Valtellina Superiore Grumello wine.
In the surroundings you may want to try rafting or canoeing on the river Adda.

Along the path there are 40 rest areas where you can take a break and even organize a fun pic-nic with your friends or family.

You can download the complete itinerary in Pdf format here: Itinerary of Sentiero Valtellina

The service Rent a Bike

The Sentiero Valtellina has 14 rent a bike points located along the whole territory. You can rent a bike in any of those points and then eventually give it back in one other place located along the path.

A piece of information you may want to have: from Tirano to Colico the railway constantly stretches parallel to your path. That means that you can always catch the train if you are tired, you get a flat tyre or whatsoever.

For further information on the Sentiero Valtellina visit the official website:

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