Virtual tour to discover the habitat and wildlife of the Stelvio Park
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Virtual Tour to discover the Stelvio Park


/Virtual tour to discover the Stelvio Park

Discover the Stelvio National Park through the magic of a virtual tour.  Using special viewers you can immerse yourself virtually in the wonders of the Park!

A “Park for everyone” thanks to the virtual tour

Discover the Virtual Reality Point by head office of the Stelvio Park in Bormio or the Visitor Center in Valfurva.

Thanks to the Virtual Reality viewers, you can take an immersive experience, discovering aspects more representative of the National Park.

Wearing virtual goggles you can navigate along the trails, meet the fauna of the Park and reach the glaciers, simply pointing at 360 degrees.

The application of virtual reality includes several thematic sections:

  • 3D panoramic aerial views of the Park
  • habitat
  • flora
  • wildlife of the protected area
  • representative itineraries.

All presented, of course, thanks to the spectacular modes allowed by the innovative technologies used.

The Stelvio Park’s initiative will “virtually teleport” the territory of the Park and thus reach beyond potential visitors, including disadvantaged categories such as disabled people, wheelchair users or old people who, thanks to the virtual tour, will live in emotionally engaging places and natural environments of the Park that are difficult to access.

Virtual reality: where

You can find the Virtual Reality Point

  • by the head office of the Stelvio Park, 42, De Simoni Street, Bormio
    Open from 27 December to 5 January 2019 excluded 31/12 and 1/01 from 4:30 to 6:30
  • by the visitor center in S. Antonio Valfurva

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