The Deer's Bell
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Deer's bell


/The Deer’s Bell

Observing the animals in the Stelvio National Park is one of the most intensive experience that could be ever done.


The Stelvio National Park is the home of several species, like squirrels, alpine hares, foxes, ermines, marmots, steinbock, chamois, eagles and lammergeyers. But the most spectacular, and popular is the Deer. At the beginning of Autumn is easy to hear the powerful deer’s bell echo in the valley and is not rare to observe the male during their procession for conquering the female harem. The bell could be heard at every hour of the day, but becomes more frequent and astonishing in the first hours of the night. As the numerous amount of deer is possible to enjoy the scenario also at the beginning of paths that leads to valleys. Certainly, is important as well to not bother the animals with lights or trying to move closer to them, however the show is guaranteed.


How to reach the starting point of the excursion?

From Bormio follow the 300 state road of Gavia Pass towards S.Caterina Valfurva. Once reached S.Nicolò square, turn left and take the road to Zebrù Valley. Continue until Niblogo district where is present a parking place.

Difficulty: • None until “Baita del Pastore”
•  After easy paths
Duration • From Niblogo to Zebrù di Fuori – 1 hour 30’ minutes
• From Zebrù to “Fuori alle Malghe di Campo” – 1 hour
• From Malghe di Campo to Baita del Pastore – 45’ minutes
• From Baita del Pastore to Rif. V Alpini – 2 hours
Difference in altitude: • From Niblogo to Zebrù di Fuori – 230 meters
• From Zebrù di Fuori to Malghe di Campo – 170 meters
• From Malghe di Campo to Baita del Pastore – 180 meters

Excursion with experts

The alpine guides of Stelvio National Park, organize excursions also in Autumn in order to allow the tourists to live this charming experience.