Mushrooms Festival for food lovers in Bormio - Italian Alps
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/The mushrooms Festival in Bormio

Passion for Mushrooms, a genuine love. Visit the Italian Alps in summer to discover the flavors of the earth.

Mushroom gathering

Summer is ending? Don’t be sad!  It’s the right time to get a good harvest!

or mushroom  lovers July, August and September are the best months to spend time in the high mountains. This period is surely the most generous thanks to the almost always optimal temperatures and short but continuous rain, that contribute to keeping the soil wet.

During this time many of the fungal species of the Alpine arc appear in the woods and there are many enthusiasts of mushroom picking who, with care and patience, find precious booty.
Before looking for mushrooms it is very important to inquire about the regulation of the area: Mushroom gathering regulations in Alta Valtellina

In addition, to know the edible mushrooms in the area, there will be two events on 9 and 17 August 2017, at 21.00 at Kuerc Square in Bormio, with mycological exposure and movie projection.

Mushrooms Passion: the “Persighin”

One of the most common mushrooms in the Bormio area is the “Persighin”.
If this name is not familiar to you, it is because this species of mushroom has many synonyms: in Italy is also known as galletto, gallinaccio or finferlo cantarello.
It is a kind of mushroom widely appreciated in the kitchen and can be consumed either fresh or dried: in both cases it will be particularly rich in vitamin A and vitamin D.

On August 20, Persighin Festival

For mushroom lovers, on Sunday, August 20, will take place The Persighin Festival from 9 am to Oga (Valdisotto).
A celebration not to be missed since arriving at the 23rd edition and now entering the calendar of the most important and attended summer events in Valtellina.
On the square next to the village church, volunteers will prepare, with the help of expert cooks, polenta and persighin.
In addition to the tradition and the genuine flavors of typical products, it will also be a day dedicated to the market, guided tours of the historic houses and the farm.
From 14.30 there will be a chance to visit the Fort of Oga with a free transfer.

A little mushroom for tasty dishes!


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