Climb up Cima Coppi 2017 | The Stelvio Pass reserved for cyclists
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Climb up Cima Coppi


/Climb up Cima Coppi 2017 | The bike day

Challenge the 3 sides of Cima Coppi, be part of not competitive cycling or running event with one leading: the Stelvio!

UPDATES  30/08/2017:  Considering snowfall and temperatures below zero degrees  on Stelvio Pass on Saturday 2 September, on the Lombard side during the cycling tour “Scalata Cima Coppi 2017”, the planned refreshment points and Health care WILL NOT BE PRESENT ON THE PATH.
Expected weather conditions do not allow you to climb in safe conditions. Especially the descent is to be considered EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS.
Despite the persistence of the road closure order, it is VOICELY suspended the ascension on the Lombard side. The event at the moment is still confirmed on the South Tyrolean side.

Stelvio Bike Day, the perfect day for challenging yourself on Cima Coppi, with Ivan Basso

Saturday 2 september will take place the 17th edition of climb on Cima Coppi. 

The historic climb at Stelvio Pass will be reserved for a day to bike and run lovers, in a manner that they will embark the itinerary in an unconditioned quite and safety manner.
A unique opportunity for challenging yourself, 42 hairpins start from Bormio and will bring you to Stelvio Pass.

The attendance is free and without enrollment, the departure time is free and there will be two refreshment/sanitary assistance points at II Cantoniera and IV Cantoniera.

For this event the Stelvio road will be closed to vehicular traffic on three slopes (Lombardy slope from Bormio, South Tyrol slope from Prato Stelvio and Swiss slope from Sta. Maria) between 8.00 a.m and 4 p.m. on 2nd September.

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The itinerary

21 kilometers for a difference of hight of 1551 metres, 7,1 % of medium incline and 14% of maximum incline. The height of arrival is at 2758 metres.

For security reason is important to not forget helmet, bike gloves, sunglasses and k-way, beyond of checking the conditions of the own bike. Even if the road is closed to vehicular traffic is needed to follow traffic rules, including keeping the right lane and have a moderate speed while climbing down.

For further information visit the Stelvio Bike page.