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/FIS Alpine Ski World Cup

Santa Caterina Valfurva will be hosting three spectacular races on the Deborah Compagnoni slope from December 27th to 29th!

December 27th – men’s superG race

December 28th – men’s downhill race

December 29th – men’s alpine combined race (superG and a slalom track)

The Deborah Compagnoni slope

Last year’s downhill race in Santa Caterina was the most exciting and thrilling speed event of the season. Two hours of pure adrenaline and entertainment on the only track Europe could offer to the jet man. Some people already refer to the Deborah Compagnoni track as “the temple”: it immediately became clear that you can’t win by chance on this kind of slope. Style, courage, technique, training and fantasy are needed. All sorts of difficulties a skier may face can be found in this vertical drop of 1005 meters. There are jumps, various bends, compressions, bumps and light changes. All in complete safety. In the 2016 edition safety will be even higher by extending the escape space when entering the “canalino”. A jump there has changed its name too: the former “Gallo” jum is now the “Innerhofer” jump to celebrate the “Azzurro” who last year raced carrying a pole onto his helmet for over 20 seconds at speeds over 100 kph amd made people talk of Santa Caterina all over in the world. (Have a look at the Innerhofer’s downhill race of the last year)

Click here for the technical overview of the Deborah Compagnoni slope