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Discover the mountains and enjoy its many outdoor activities with a professional mountain guide.

Why contact the alpine guides?

Mountains and its surroundings offer direct and deep contact with nature. They also allow you to engage in numerous outdoor activities that require a profound and intimate knowledge of the territory and environmental awareness that only an experienced professional can demonstrate. These experts, the Alpine Guides and the Mountaineering Instructors, will take you by the hand and show you how to conquer the itineraries of your dreams.

Activities like glacier touring, rock climbing, mountaineering, ski touring, freeride, ice climbing and aided routes require more alertness and vigilance. That is why the Alpine Guides are the right people to contact as they are skilled specialists and legally recognized professionals.

In addition to these adrenaline-filled activities, the Alpine Guides are also available for easier excursions in the mountains during which they can become the interpreters of the sourroundings.  With a travel-buddy like the ALpine Guide, you can really establish a connection with the culture and the tradition of our “Magnifica Terra” and recognize the geomorphological  aspects  of the mountains, appreciate its animals and vegetation and learn to respect the hard work of mankind over the centuries.

Pure passion for the mountains, a very high level of preparation with recurring refresher courses, excellent relationship skills: that’s what it means to be an alpine guide!

We reccomend you spend some time of your mountain vacation with an Alpine Guide. It will be a memorable experience!

Alpine Guides in Bormio – Contacts


Alpine Guides Bormio
(Bormio, vicolo Vittorio Veneto 8/10 c/o Pachamama)
– tel. +39 329 8987882 / +39 339 4798768







Mountaineering School Alpine Guides Ortler Cevedale
 (Bormio, via al Forte, 14)
– tel. +39 334 3304229 / +39 366 4566290


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