| Routes for snowshoeing and ski mountaineering
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/Routes for snowshoeing and ski mountaineering

Discover the suggested routes for lovers of skins and snowshoes within the Stelvio National Park. 

Routes for Snowshoeing

In Bormio the winter days can be especially enjoyable when one is outside, in the open air, and walking with snowshoes along the paths that connect the different parts of town, or penetrating into the forest. The magic of moving in the profound silence of the surrounding nature, accompanied only by the noise of your own snowshoe steps as you walk on the snow, opens a unique dimension to hiking.

Discover the trails for snowshoeing

Routes for Ski Mountaineering

The abundant snowfalls that cover the peaks and surrounding slopes above Bormio, create perfect conditions for those who enjoy backcountry skiing. The practice of backcountry skiing offers extraordinary thrills, placing the skiers that practice it in a privileged relationship with nature, while enjoying pleasant temperatures and evocative landscapes. Backcountry skiing is a tiring sport, but the excitement and beauty are undoubtedly worth the effort.

Discover the routes for ski mountaineering