| The recipe of Sciatt
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One of the best traditional dishes of Valtellina: the sciatt


Discover the recipe of these crunchy buckwheat fritters with hot melting cheese inside.
The word sciatt in Valtellina dialect means toads. However this Valtellina dish, considered as appetizer, has very little to do with this animal: it actually refers to the irregular shape of these tasty fritters.

Ingredients (for 4 people)

200 g of buckwheat flour;
200 g of plain flour;
10 g of grappa;
30 cl of beer;
a pinch of bicarbonate;
250 g Valtellina Casera PDO cheese;
frying oil;
chicory to serve with the sciatt


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, except the cheese and oil which you will use to fry. The batter should be smooth but not too runny and rest for about 1 hour and 30 minutes in the fridge. Cut the Valtellina Casera cheese into 2 cm cubes. Once the batter has rested, heat the oil (until the temperature of 175°) in a large pan and dip one cube of cheese at a time into the batter, coating well and then lifting out with a spoon.
Drop the coated cubes into the boiling oil. Once golden, drain the sciatt and leave to dry on kitchen paper. Serve very hot, on a bed of dressed chicory.

Recipe furnished by the Valtellina and Valchiavenna Association for Cooks

Cover photo of Luca Pedrana