| The recipe of pizzoccheri
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Let’s discover the recipe of the Traditional dish from Valtellina!

INGREDIENTS (dose for 4 people)


400 g of buckwheat

100 g of white flour

200 g of butter

250 g of cheese Casera from Valtellina dop

150 g of Grana cheese

200 g of Savoy cabbage

250 g of potatoes

A slice of garlic, pepper




Mix the two flours, knead them with water and blend for 5 minutes.

With rolling pin roll the puff pastry at 2-3 millimetres, you will obtain strips of 7-8 centimetres. Overlap the strips and cut them in a width way. You will obtain tagliatelle of 5 millimetres wide.


Cook the vegetables in salty water, the savoy cabbage and potatoes in small pieces, add the pizzoccheri after 5 minutes (the potatoes are always present, while the savoy cabbage could be substitute according to season, with ribs or green beans).


After 10 minutes gather the pizzoccheri with skimmer and pour one part in a hot batch, scatter with Grana cheese and with flaked Casera dop cheese, continue interchanging pizzoccheri and cheese.


Fry the butter with garlic, leave it until the garlic starts to get colour, before pouring it on Pizzoccheri.

Without mixing, serve the hot pizzoccheri with a sprinkling of pepper.

Recipe provided by Academia of Pizzocchero of Teglio.

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