| The Stelvio, among the paradises on Earth
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/The Stelvio, among the paradises on Earth

The newspaper “La Repubblica” has compiled a list of earthly paradises and, among them, the Stelvio could not miss

The Stelvio, the Paradise just around the corner

La Repubblica, one of the main Italian newspapers, has published a ranking of the places universally considered as heaven on earth. The list has been drawn up by a selection of photos from the Getty Images archive.

Besides the famous tourist destinations, like Zanzibar, Tanzania, New Zealand, United States of America, there are some niche destinations hidden in faraway corners of the earth. Among crystalline seas, pristine beaches, artistic treasures and green hills, the Stelvio deserves a place of honor!

An oasis of sport, history and nature

A dream road (with its hairpin bends) and an epic pass for cyclists, bikers and motorists. The perfect place for those who love summer skiing, the nature of the Stelvio National Park and history, having it been a front line during the First World War. A place of many aspects and timeless appeal that can be visited from the end of May till early November.

Exactly, thanks to this combination of sports, history and nature, the Stelvio is among the most beautiful places in the world

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