| The Braulio Bitter: did you know that...
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One of the symbols of the “Magnificent Land”, one of the most appreciated bitters with an unique taste!

Did you know that…

Hereafter, we reveal to you some curiosities regarding the Braulio which make this bitter really unique!

it was born in 1875, when the pharmacist Francesco Peloni combined some herbs in an alchemy;

only the family Tarantola Peloni  knows the original recipe: we only know that there are 13 herbs and plants among the ingredients, such as wormwood, juniper berries and gentian roots;

– in a barrel where the bitter is stored, you can distinguish a very singular image that has formed itself in a natural way over the years: a gnome who seems to be watching over its creation! (see image below)

the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio loved to drink the Braulio bitter: his appreciation is proven by the numerous correspondence with the Peloni family;

the name is given by the Mount Braulio, which is surrounding the Bormio area and where most of the herbs used for the liqueur were collected;

– although it is mainly sold in northern Italy and Europe, today it ‘s possible to find it even in Japan and Australia: a piece of Bormio in the Land of the Samurai and the Kangaroos 🙂

– the Peloni Family is known not only for the Braulio but also for the production of homemade beer: the Stelvio beer, on sale since more than 15 years