| Omar di Felice in Bormio
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/Omar di Felice in Bormio

The Italian ultracycler is exploring the climbs of the Valtellina

Beyond the usual cycling: Omar di Felice, the ultracycler champion

Omar di Felice is a Roman cycler and, after having competed in all categories until becoming a professional athlete, has now become a ultracycler champion. This is an “extreme” ultimate challenge with rides of 12 and more hours including marathons of over 1000 km, aiming for records while crossing various countries.

Ultracycling is not very well known yet in Italy, but is quite popular in the USA and Omar di Felice is now part of a particular “élite” of people that just won’t surrender to fatigue.

The legendary peaks

The Tour of Mont Blanc (330 km – 8.000 m. altitude); the Race Across the Alps (530 km – 16.00 m. altitude); the Tour de Suisse – 1015 km NO STOP; the Race Across Italy (630 km – 6.000 m. altitude) are only a few of the challenges of Omar di Felice.

Last but not least, the Legendary Peaks! In Bormio Omar has chosen to ascent, in rapid succession, the big climbs of the Valtellina – Mortirolo, Gavia and Stelvio – to then descent the valley to Bolzano and again climb the Dolomites until to the Friuli, on top of the Zoncolan. A non-stop “extreme” challenge of 500 km and 20.000 m. altitude.

An exhausting test, that has however given him the occasion to know the Valtellina peaks. According to his opinion the area is ideal for high altitude training camps and would furthermore be perfect for a ultracycling race.