apertura passi alpini valtellina
/Status of Mountain Passes

Mountain Passes Traffic and Travel Information:

  • Aprica: OPEN all year round
  • Bernina: OPEN all year round
  • Forcola: CLOSED (closed during winter season) – transit prohibited to vehicles exceeding 18 tons of weight
  • Foscagno:  OPEN all year round
  • Gavia: CLOSED (closed during winter season) transit prohibited to vehicles exceeding 2.80 m of height and 3.5 tons of weight
  • Maloja: OPEN all year round
  • Mortirolo: CLOSED (closed during winter season)
  • S. Marco:  CLOSED (closed during winter season)
  • Umbrail/S. Maria: CLOSED (closed during winter season) – transit prohibited to vehicles exceeding 18 tons of weight, 2.50 m of width and 10m of lenght  
  • Spluga: CLOSED (closed during winter season)
  • Stelvio: (closed during winter season)  Bormio mountain side: CLOSED Alto Adige mountain side: CLOSED – On the side of Alto Adige: transit ban for vehicles with a length of more than 10.50 m. on the side of Bormio: prohibition of transit for vehicles with a height exceeding 3.30 m.
  •  Crossing of the Gallen/Tunnel Munt La Schera: OPEN. Until 5 pm open only in Swiss direction. After 5pm open regularly.
    open all year round with toll. Tunnel Munt la Schera is open 24 hours a day with alternate one-way transit (maximum height 3.60 meters – maximum width 2.50 meters (click for more info)

In case of adverse weather conditions, the alpine passes are subject to temporary closure.
It is advisable to inquire before starting your trip.

For information

  • Polizia Stradale (Highway Police) Sondrio Tel. +39 0342 545011
  • Carabinieri Bormio Tel. +39 0342 903700
  • Office information Bormio Tel. +39 0342 903300

Snow-chain requirements
From October 15 to April 30, all motor vehicles on all the roads of the Valtellina are required to use winter (snow) tires or must carry snow chains.

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