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QC Terme Bagni Vecchi – the Old Baths Take a dip into more than two thousand years of history, from the Roman Baths through the […]

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Traditions, between past and present The secular history of Bormio and the Alta Valtellina is reflected and retained in many folk traditions, which are rich in superstition […]


The Alta Valtellina is a land of flavors from the past and its cuisine is simple and genuine, and is based on the local products specific to […]

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The Stelvio National Park is one of the largest historical parks in Italy: found in the heart of the Central-Eastern Alps, with the massifs of […]


Different destinations in a unique resort: Bormio and its valleys.

Bormio is located in the center of the Alta Valtellina, and thus it is easy to reach various nearby locations, including those in the province of Sondrio, […]

The Area Surrounding Bormio

The Valfurva opens on the east side of the valley of Bormio and goes for about 15.5 miles miles (25 km) up into the Ortler-Cevedale group of mountains. […]

Valfurva, 360° of Tourism

Valdisotto, a narrow corridor of land by the river Adda, connects Bormio with the rest of the Valtellina. It is also known as the “entrance” […]

Valdisotto, Doorway to the Magnificent Land

Valdidentro is located in the heart of the Alta Valtellina, about halfway between the town of Bormio and the area extra-customs of Livigno, and only a few […]

Valdidentro, The Pearl of the Alps

Bormio is located at an altitude of 4019 feet (1,225 meters), in a wide natural basin surrounded by the mountains of the Ortles-Cevedale group, and […]

Not to Be Missed


The Bormio area: a different delight in every season

The Alta Valtellina is a land of flavors from the past and its cuisine is simple and genuine, and is based on the local products specific to […]

Discover Local Culinary Specialties
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Relaxing in the Great Outdoors The summer is the season of vibrant colors: the green of the woods, the pastures, and the meadows; the blue of the […]

Summer, the Magic of the Sun
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Autumn is the season in which the earth prepares for the long winter hibernation, but the territory of the Alta Valtellina still offers many opportunities. A outing in the […]

Autumn and Falling Leaves

Always in motion outdoors Winter, in the Alta Valtellina, means above all white, snow, and cold. It is ski season, in all its forms: from downhill to […]

Winter, the Purity of the Snow

The rebirth of nature The long winter has ended and nature is slowly awakening from its long hibernation – as are the animals of the Stelvio […]

Spring, the Rebirth of Nature



A Thousand years of relaxation To say that the enjoyment of relaxation in Bormio and in Alta Valtellina is millennial is non-trivial: in fact, the […]

Relaxed Vacation

History and culture in the heart of the Alps Bormio and the Alta Valtellina, thanks to their strategic position in the heart of the Alps, […]

Cultural Holiday
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Sports for all, 365 days a year For those who are looking for an active holiday including virtually all sports , then Bormio in the […]

Active Vacation – Sports for everyone


The Bormio area: outdoor activities all year round
Bambini e Famiglie

Bormio and its Valleys are the perfect place for children and families, thanks to the many activities dedicated to them. Ski, bike and thermal baths: […]

Bormio, a paradise for children
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Bormio and its springs During the Middle Ages Bormio was an important location of transit along the routes of communication between north and south of the Alps. […]

The Hot Springs of Bormio, the Healthful Thermal Water
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Anyone who spends a holiday in Bormio will find it difficult to resist the pull of the great outdoors, and to get out of the […]

A Sports Vacation

In the heart of the Rhaetian Alps Bormio and the Alta Valtellina are located in the center of a natural basin in the Rhaetian Alps (central/eastern Alps […]

Losing Yourself in Nature
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In Bormio, and the neighboring towns of the Alta Valtellina, gastronomy and handicrafts mix together in the local culture. Both are intertwined with ancient customs, and they […]

Food and Wine and Handicrafts