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On August, 6, 2016 here's the Wine night in Bormio
Saturday 4 August

The Wine Night

On August, 6, 2016 here's the Wine night in Bormio

Open cellars, the best Valtellina wines in the historic centre. Traditions in Bormio: the wine night On Saturday, August 4th, in the historic centre of Bormio, one of the eagerly-awaited appointments of the summer in Bormio: the wine night. Focused on the Valtellina wine production and opening of wine tasting! For this special occasion, the most important wine cellars of Valtellina will take possession of some historic courts: experts and simple lovers are thus invited to get to know better…

Thursday 9 August

Li Flama de San Lorenz

Traditional nighttime bonfires that illuminate the night of Oga,Valdisotto Li Flama de San Lorenz, the fire of the tradition During the night of August 9, to Oga, in Valdisotto, it is tradition to turn on some great bonfires, Flama de S. Lorenz (the bonfires of S. Lorenz) in honor of the S. patron of the country, celebrated on August 10. A pyrotechnic show illumina ulteriormente la notte... nell'attesa di vedere qualche stella cadente! Per maggiori informazioni, visitate il sito della Pro…

Sunday 12 August

Bormio Garden Festival

The traditional Bormio Festival will take place at V Alpini yard on Sunday 12th August. At 11.30 and 18.30 the explanation of the preparation process of Pizzoccheri. At 12.30 lunch with: polenta taragna, stew, mixed grill and cheese. At 19.30 for dinner the pizzoccherata and musical entertainment. The earnings from the event will help the organization of the following events: Pasquali and Palio delle Contrade for the year 2019.    

Saturday 25 August

Al Scur, life in the dark

Discover Bormio under another light… or better, in the dark Al Scur, life in the dark Cradle of traditional heritage – cultural, architectural, wine and food - Bormio deserves to be admired by alternative points of view. Wonderful during the day, immersed in the colors of the nature of the Stelvio National Park; charming at night, when the darkness comes and the lights dim till turning off completely. On Saturday, August 25th, it’s the moment of “Al Scur" (in the dark,…