Peak to Creek 2018 and the new Creek to Peak | New format
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peak to creek 2018
Saturday 3 March 2018

peak to creek 2018

The traditional amateur ski race PEAK TO CREEK has officially opened the enrollments for the edition 2018!

The event – which has reached the XIII edition –  will take place on 4 March 2018 la XIII in Bormio. It’s going to be a unique opportunity for those who love skiing. You will be given the chance to ski on the legendary Stelvio slope, the one where the FIS Alpine World Cup takes place! 

Peak to Creek 2018: new highlights like a ski mountaineering race

A whole day dedicated to the mountain, the alpine resort of Bormio, sports and fun. Everyone will get captivated by this event: from the top skier to the passionate one.

Fun, the keyword of the event, will not only be for the participants but really for everyone! There will be several new highlights for the edition 2018: a technical village with free ski testing, a dj set, après ski bars and much more! And surprises and not over, yet!

The weekend of the Peak to Creek 2018 will be open by a new challenge, an absolute new highlight for Bormio, the CREEK TO PEAK!
We’are not talking nonsense, from this year, you can peak to creek uphill, as well! Different sport, different technical skills but same passion and fun!
An amazing ski mountaneering race at night from the Ski Stadium in Bormio to Bormio 2000! Who will be the fastest in this fascinating new challenge?

Creek to Peak is scheduled for Saturday 3 March 2018. The registrations are already open!

For info and registrations to Peak to Creek & Creek to Peak:


March 3, 2018- 16:00


March 4, 2018- 18:00



+39 0342 903 300