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Saturday 22 July 2017

Bormio hosts the finals of the Italian sport of loggers championships!

The event will be c/o “Funivia” parking, in via Battaglion Morbegno. Free entrance.

Watch the video-presentation of the event


The combined event consists of six disciplines in which the athletes of the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® need to prove all their skills with axe and saw. Power, endurance and the perfect handling of the sports equipment make all the difference between victory or defeat.

Standing Block Chop: it simulates felling a tree. A block of wood 30cm in diameter is anchored vertically in a metal stand and has to be chopped through from both sides as quickly as possible.

Stock Saw: in this discipline, all the competitors work with the MS 661 C-M, a standard STIHL chain saw with all-electronic engine management. At the starting signal the athlete seizes the saw and applies it to the wood (diameter 40cm). The competitors have to cut two cookies from a marked area of a horizontally mounted log with one downward cut and one upward cut.

Underhand Chop: it corresponds in practice to cutting up a felled tree, involves chopping through a 32 cm thick, horizontally mounted tree trunk from both sides with an axe. The athlete stands on top of the log.

Single Buck: a wooden “cookie” is cut off a horizontally fixated tree trunk (diameter of 46 centimeters or 1.5ft) with a cross-cut saw of roughly 2 meters length (6ft7).

Hot Saw: the aim is to cut three cookies of a specified thickness from a horizontally positioned trunk (diameter 46 cm) as quickly as possible using an extremely powerful, specially tuned chainsaw known as a hot saw.

Springboard: in this discipline the competitor places two platforms (springboards) into pockets cut in a vertically mounted log. The aim is to chop through a 27cm diameter block of wood positioned at the tip of the log.

Watch the video

Click here for further details about the disciplines


July 22, 2017


July 22, 2017


Bormio, 23032 Italia


+39 0342 903 300