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An offer for all tastes

Valfurva, and its best known city, S. Caterina, offer plenty of opportunities for all visitors. The lovers of the summer and hiking will be entranced by the landscapes of the Stelvio National Park, and of the views of the glaciers in Val Forni. The Gavia Pass is the dream of every cyclist and motorcyclist, thanks to its curves and its slopes.

Skiers can test themselves on the same slopes where Italian champions Deborah Compagnoni and Peter Vitalini first trained, while those who prefer Nordic skiing will find the Valtellina track justthe right balance between nature and technique.

And don’t forget the culture and traditions of Valfurva, with museums, churches, and events that are organized throughout the year. Especially interesting to see are the old rural houses, which are scattered in the most beautiful valleys, such as the Val Zebru and Val Cedec.

Not to be missed

However, there are a few things that are not to be missed, and that you will find only in Valfurva. What are they? Let’s take a look!