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The free heel skiing, 365 days a year!

Telemark skiing, also known as free heel skiing, it is a specialty from another time that in recent years is coming back in vogue, and that can be practiced 365 days a year in the Alta Valtellina. In fact, in winter you can telemark ski on 31 miles (50 km) of slopes in Bormio, and also in neighboring towns of S. Caterina ValfurvaCima Piazzi/Happy Mountain in Valdidentro, and at Oga/S. Colombano, in Valdisotto. In summer, 12.4 miles (20 km) of slopes on the Stelvio Pass glacier allow you to enjoy the snow even during the dog days of August.

Skiing from another time

Many people appreciate telemark skiing because it represents a return to the past, to the ancient art of skiing. Invented by Sondre Norheim, a skier from the Norwegian county of Telemark, in the middle of the Nineteenth Century, marks for many the beginning of skiing as a sport. In fact, using precisely this telemark technique, were held the first ski races in 1843 in Tromsø (Norway).

One practical aspect, in telemark skiing only the tip of the foot is connected to the ski, using a special binding. To turn, the skier must push forward the downhill leg and bend the knee of the uphill leg, almost kneeling down on the ski.

Used frequently for winter hiking and for backcountry skiing, lovers of the telemark technique will appreciate the possibility to descend the groomed runs in a slow, timed way to fully enjoy the snow and mountains and unspoiled nature, and to rediscover the meaning of this ancient art of skiing.

Bormio Skipass: one ski pass – 3 ski areas!

With the Bormio Skipass you can enjoy skiing in three ski resort areas (Bormio – 50 km and 15 ski lifts; S. Caterina Valfurva – 35 km and 9 ski lifts and S. Colombano – 30 km and 12 ski lifts) with more than 115 km of ski runs for all levels, beginners and expert skiers alike! And, moreover, with the “Bormio ski pass” you can benefit of free and fast transport with the ski bus to the ski resort areas!

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For the ones wishing to ski also in the Livigno ski area, the ideal solution is the “Ski Pass Alta Valtellina” (valid for Bormio, Livigno, S. Colombano and S. Caterina Valfurva)

Visit the Bormio Ski website for further information regarding ski pass, special offers, ski runs and lift facilities


Do you think you know all about our ski area? Discover some little curiosities!

Did you know that…

Do you think you know all about our ski area? Discover some little curiosities!

Did you know that…

Do you want to learn to ski or improve your skills? In Bormio 150 ski & snowboard instructors are waiting for you!

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