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Living outdoors in the open air

Sporting activities done in the open air—outdoors—have a different flavor.  In spring, summer, and autumn being in the midst of nature is an absolute pleasure: the sun, the blue sky, the sparkling air, the blooming forest, and the spectacular valleys, waterfalls, streams, and alpine lakes, all paint a landscape that opens your heart. And do not undervalue the winter months, when everything goes into hibernation and snow and ice are the masters, for by changing the pace and the activities, you still find this different outdoor flavor.

Nordic walking, mountain running, and horseback riding

Immersed in the beautiful nature of the Stelvio National Park you can enjoy nature and the silence of the woods walking on over 372 miles (600 km) of trails with the help of the Nordic walking poles to give a helping hand; it’s a fun, easy way to keep all your muscles trained—both in your arms and your legs.

Alternatively, for the runners and joggers, is there anything better than a nice run in the mountains? It’s true that mountain running requires a little bit more skill than running on the flat, but the excitement to running at high altitude is unsurpassed. You can start quietly, easing into mountain running along easy paths and mule tracks, and then try to compete in the big races at national and international level, such as the Sky Race Alta Valtellina in Valdidentro, the ASD Valtellina Wine Trail, along the vineyards in the mid Valtellina, and the legendary Trophy Kima in Valmasino.

On the other hand, for those who do not want to walk, but still want to enjoy a nice hike through the woods and along the paths, what better than a nice ride on horseback? In the saddle you can explore nature in the most natural way possible, by coming into contact with the horse, the noble animal par excellence.


Discover the mountains and enjoy its many outdoor activities with a professional mountain guide.

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