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Niblogo parking in Madonna dei Monti in Valfurva – Ponte Tre Croci – Val Zebru’ – Zebru’ di Dentro – Campo mountain hut – Baita del Pastore – Niblogo parking

Zebrù Valley is probably the most typical valley of the Stelvio National Park for its unspoilt nature so rich in flora and fauna that it is quite easy for you to encounter the animals that live in this protected area. This is a dirt road route ideal for your MTB, which runs among pastures, wooden mountains huts, and pinewoods.

While climbing uphill, we leave the view of Cima Piazzi behind us and we are literally dominated by the impressive mountain chain going from the Cresta di Reit to Monte Cristallo, Cime di Campo and to Sasso Rotondo. The spurs of the ridge embracing the Cime dei Forni, Cima della Manzina and Monte Confinale slope down to the right. When we get to the Baita del Pastore we are surrounded by a typical high mountain environment and we can distinguish in the distance the difficult mountain bike trail descending eastwards from Zebrù Pass while the steep trail leading to Rifugio V° Alpini climbs uphill to the left above us. And if we raise our eyes even more, the unmistakable profile of Gran Zebru’ stands out behind the rocks of the Cima della Miniera.You start riding from the car park in Niblogo (1600 m _ sign Way n. 529) on a nice and flat dirt road. You get to the Ponte delle Tre Croci quite soon and you climb uphill the length of the valley by proceeding to the left and passing past the “maggenghi” in Zebrù di Fuori and Zebrù di Dentro (1860 m). We keep on riding and meet Chitomas and Pramighen mountain huts and further the Campo mountain hut. Then we continue on a more challenging uphill stretch and get to our final destination: the Baita del Pastore (2160 m.). We make our way back on the same road and with peace of mind.

Distance: 17 km 606 m

Level difference: 584 m

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

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