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Bormio 2000 – Baita Pozzo Dell’Acqua – Monti di Sobretta – Calvarana –  Plazzo – La Poce – Campolungo – Departure by cable car Bormio 2000

This is a nice ride on an excellent dirt road through the forest between Bormio and Santa Caterina suitable for anyone. You only have to pay attention to the steep downhill stretch from the Monti di Sobretta and to a short stretch in Campolungo. The grassy clearings we meet on the route offer us some panoramic views of the town of Bormio and of Valfurva.

By the crossroads in Sobretta di Sotto you can proceed to the right to Santa Caterina on a 4.7km stretch of the dirt road n. 522 through the wood of Cornogna, instead of returning immediately to Bormio. There are some ups and downs on the stretch from Sobretta to Bormio with short uphill sprints. In Campolungo it is possible to head straight for the road coming up from Bormio 2000 just below San Pietro.road n. 543 (1943 m) towards east, you cross the ski runs and go into the wood quite soon riding gently uphill. After going past Baita Pozzo dell’Acqua (2070 m) you meet a first diversion to the right going up to the Monte Sobrettina. We instead begin the descent to the left on the track n. 543.2, we leave the road to Val Sobretta (sign Way n.518) on our right and get to the crossroads at 1740 meters’ height riding on some steep switchbacks. It is also possible to go down directly to the Valfurva from here by proceeding on the Track n. 518, while we turn to the left on the dirt road descending to Calvarana (sign Way n. 522). The steep road (sign Way n. 550) taking to Sant’Antonio Valfurva begins on the right just before its beautiful mountain huts. If we go straight on, we pass by Plazzo (1510 m) and La Poce (1590 m) and get to Campolungo (1480 m) on an irregular path. From here on we ride quickly downhill to the hamlet of Combo di Bormio.

Distance: 17 km 438 m

Level difference: 944 m

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

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