| Val di Rezzalo and Li Moregn
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/Val di Rezzalo and Li Moregn

Val di Rezzalo

Ponte dell’Alpe-Val di Rezzalo-Rifugio la Baita-Fumero (trail S519.2 )

From Santa Caterina Valfurva drive toward the Gavia Pass and park at the Ponte dell’Alpe (Bridge of the Alp). From there, follow trail S519.2 along the torrente dell’Alpe (creek in the Alps) which winds through some high pastures. After reaching the Passo dell’Alpe (Pass of the Alp) the trail begins the long descent of the Val di Rezzalo. The first section is a trail that first turns into an old World War One military road, and finally become a wider forest service road. After passing several dry-stacked stone huts and some barns, you will reach the Rifugio La Baita. After the rifugio, continue descending in the direction of Fumero, which is part of the municipality of Sondalo.

Length: 7.8 miles (12.6 km) – Hiking Time; 3 h 33 min. – Difficulty: Easy – Climb: 3277 feet (999 meters)

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Li Moregn

Prà di Piaz – Fiecc – Mota Crosc – Li Moregn (trail N271 / N269.1) 

From Sondalo you reach the quartz quarry. From the quarry area, follow road N271 towards Esc until you reach path N269.1 that branches off to the left. The trail passes the edge of the meadows and then enters woods of fir trees up to Fiecc. A short, steep and rocky stretch brings you to the mountain huts of Li Mota where the fir forest gives way to larch. From Li Mota follow the wall between the fields, then climb gradually in wide turns to the rocky tops of Mota Crosc where there is an irrigation ditch that diverts the waters from the Val del Corn. This place offers an interesting panorama and is one of the most curious of Sondalo. On the highest hill, where there is a small clearing, the path branches off to the left and leads in little more than a quarter of an hour to Li Moregn, from where you can admire the entire valley of Sondalo and the mountains thra surround it.

Length: 2.4 miles (3.6 km) – Hiking Time: 1 h 40 min. – Difficulty: Easy – Climb: 6797 feet (2072 meters) 

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