| Sledding in Val di Rezzalo
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val di rezzalo


3.5 km of pure fun downhill, in the woods, on your sled!

Val di Rezzalo is one of the most evocative valleys of the Stelvio National Park.

val di rezzalo

It is very easy to fall in love with the tiny houses, perfectly in harmony with the surrounding landscape, the little stream that flows through the wide valley, and the picturesque mountains that frame it. But the real reason why we carry this valley in our hearts is the 3 and a half kilometres of sleigh slope downhill in the woods.

Fun has got no age

In Val di Rezzalo you can forget your true age and set off on an exciting descent into the woods with your sleigh.

The path that leads to Val di Rezzalo, in fact, is  a typical one-lane mountain road which, in winter, is covered with snow and becomes an excellent sleigh slope: wide, curvy and all downhill.

You can bring the sleigh yourself or rent it directly at the La Baita refuge once you reach the plain of S. Bernardo in Val di Rezzalo.

val di rezzalo

The Val di Rezzalo experience

Reaching the plain of S. Bernardo in Val di Rezzalo is a medium / easy walk. The route is about 4 kilometers long and in an hour and a half of walking through spruce woods you will reach the plain of S. Bernardo with its picturesque church.

To fully enjoy the sledding experience, we recommend that you make a refreshing stop at the La Baita refuge, try the delicacies of the traditional cuisine, admire the splendid landscape and relax in the sun.

After the break you can rent a sled and slide down on the snow. It will be a moment of pure fun to share with friends or family!