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Months and months of hard work to prepare an event unique in its kind!

Preparation of the Pasquali

Many of you might have already seen, maybe not live, the parade of the Pasquali (elaborated floats with religious themes). But do you know  what it takes to prepare them?

Months and months of hard work. The Pasquali are entirely handmade. Their construction requires handcraft skills and competence. The first and essential step is to identify the religious significance, it must be coherent and clear, as it will be important for the final ranking. Once the theme is chosen, it’s time to get working! All is taken care of down to the finest detail. Carpenters, smiths and artisans have to express their art at its best in order to create the most representative Pasquale. Everyone, both adults and children, professionals and aficionados, is involved in the preparation.

The Parade

On Easter Sunday the Pasquali are carried on the shoulders in a colorful parade along the streets of Bormio. Both children and adults are dressed with the typical costume, taking care of every detail, from the accessories to the shoes, as even this will be judged by the committee.

The Bormio Philarmonic Orchestra opens the parade (while a band of a neighboring town closes the parade), followed by the horses with the carriages and then, according to a prearranged order, the Districts of Bormio, each one with their Pasquali. The craftsmen carry the floats on the shoulders, while the women and children complete the parade with flowers and small handicrafts.

This traditional event is very dear to the inhabitants of Bormio, in fact you can truly sense and feel all the passion and engagement.

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