Relaxing in the Great Outdoors

The summer is the season of vibrant colors: the green of the woods, the pastures, and the meadows; the blue of the sky, the limpid waters of alpine lakes, and the rivers and streams; the white of the summer ski slopes at the Stelvio Pass, and the perpetual snows and glaciers.

The summer is about sports in the great outdoors. It’s the time to get the backpack and go on a hike in the Stelvio National Park, and perhaps, to search for some animals. Or climb onto a bicycle—or on horseback—and challenge yourself with an epic climb or a dirt road. It is the desire for direct contact with nature, fishing, climbing a rock wall, or trying the thrill and excitement of Husky Trekking. It is the speed of the go kart and the tranquility of the golf course. But also there is the possibility of ice skating, for those seeking a little break from the heat.

Summer is also the relaxation of a hot tub, an aesthetic treatment, or a massage. Or a trip by motocycle or by car in the surrounding area along the roads and the passes only open during the summer season.

Summer enhances the desire for genuine flavorsand convivial lunches, perhaps during an alpine festival, in a village feast, or in an alpine rifugio (refuge/hut) with a beautiful plate of pizzoccheri, with freshly collected mushrooms, and a glass of wine.

Summer is culture, a walk in the historical center, a visit to the wine cellars and to the most beautiful courtyards in town. Summer is music at many concerts, it is art with the many exhibitions, it is the desire to discover something new, at the many conferences and workshops.


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