Autumn is the season in which the earth prepares for the long winter hibernation, but the territory of the Alta Valtellina still offers many opportunities. A outing in the forest during the fall is always a pleasure, be it hiking, by mountain bike, or on horseback. You can enjoy the changing color of the leaves, as they move from green to being tinged with orange and yellow, and perhaps you can seek the last wild mushrooms of the season, or find deer in rut (mating season), with their unmistakable roars—it is all a wonderful experience.

Short warm days, cold clear nights

There is still time to stay outside and enjoy the activities of summer. Perhaps, we’ll have an Indian summer here in Bormio and in the Alta Valtellina, but in any case, we can make the most of these last warm days before the long winter season begins. You can still fish, climb on the outdoor walls, play tennis or Bocce, or play the last few rounds on the golf course. Or, by car, motorcycle, or bicycle, you can take trips to the surrounding valleys—over the alpine pass while they are still open.

In case of rain

And, if the days become more rainy and gloomy, Bormio’s thermal baths are the ideal place to keep warm and be pampered. The steam grotto, the ancient roman baths, and the hot tubs in the open air—all with natural hot spring water—are only part of the offerings in preparation for the long cold months, in addition, there are massages and spa treatments. Alternatively, when the weather is not clement, and you long for sports, an indoor game of soccer, volleyball, or basketball training in the gym is the ideal way to enjoy time with your friends. And let’s not forget the cultural activities found in Bormio, with its museums, exhibitions, and conferences.

The flavor of Autumn

Autumn is also the season of strong flavors, of the mushrooms, of a dish of polenta with game, of a piece of cheese—the good ones made with milk from cows that just came down from the alpine pastures—with a glass of Valtellina wine and a Braulio, to warm up a little.


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